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My photographic work explores the relationship between the female body and nature.

How my body and nature discover each other, heal, come together, become one.

I make self-portraits, photomontages and photoprints.

I find inspiration in nature itself -especially in het forest and with flowers-, from my own (day) dreams,
fairy tales, my personal journey and from art & literature by feminist artists.

By turning the analogue photo camera on me, I observe, explore and rediscover

the relationship between my own body and nature. I photograph intimate detail portraits of my body as well as

full-body nude portraits, with the self-timer or together with my partner and artist Jasper.

I pose in nature. I add nature in my images through montage, double exposure and artistic print and transfer techniques.

I love working with my analogue 35mm cameras and my Polaroid cameras.

With love, Isabelle

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